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Examinations 20/21

The exam timetable for the 20/21 academic year can be found here.

Exams this year will be run as 'forecast' exams to provide evidence that will support teacher assessed grades, as per government guidance. The specific guidance for students is listed below and within the attached booklet above:

  • The responsibility is yours. We will expect you to be where you need to be, on time, with equipment and prepared for the exam.
  • Your form teacher will tell you where you are sitting when you receive this guide.
  • Your form teacher will give you any information you need and be there to remind you and guide you. But if an exam starts and you are not there, we will NOT come looking for you
  • The time that you are meant to be at the exam venue, the start time of the exam, the length of the exam are all in this booklet.
  • You are expected to make your way to the venue ‘anteroom’ at least 10 minutes before the exam. This is where you will leave your coats and bags and then move sensibly into the exam room.
  • You know the exam rules and we expect you to follow them. They are on the back of this guide in case you have forgotten

Please read the guidance in the booklet carefully and ensure you are aware of the upcoming schedule of exams starting Wednesday 14th April.